Event Habitat Homes in Minnetonka - Planning Committee

April 18, 2024
Event type
In Person
Start time
6:30 p.m. CT
End time
7:30 p.m. CT
Love Makes Room

Ten planned Habitat homes in Minnetonka are in jeopardy of moving forward with the city, and we need your help this Thursday, April 18!

Here's the background. Last year, we completed our first Habitat home in Minnetonka in over 20 years. Now we're hoping to start the development of five twinhomes on land owned by Minnetonka Mills Church. But after years of planning alongside city staff and making major adjustments to satisfy community feedback, we just learned that city staff are recommending the project not move forward.

Frankly, we're shocked.

But you can help! It's ultimately up to the Planning Commission and City Council to vote on our project at two hearings in the next few weeks. If affordable housing supporters like you show up en masse, we can demonstrate the broad support for more Habitat homes in Minnetonka and encourage the city to allow the Twinhomes to move forward.

The Minnetonka Planning Commission is holding a public hearing this Thursday, April 18, to vote on our plan (hearing details below). The City Council will also hold a public hearing on Twinhomes on Monday, May 6.