Chapter Lead

Nichole Hayden

Head Shot
Current Home
Andover, MN


I'm a Twin Cities native who loves calling Minnesota home. I grew up in Plymouth and Richfield, spent my twenties in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and bought my first home in Columbia Heights. I now own my dream property in Andover that allows me to garden, grow apples, and support a robust pollinator population. From a young age, my single mother instilled the importance of giving back to people in our community. The value of each person and their right to be housed, fed, and clothed. Because simply, they are people and it's a human right. While attending college in Iowa, I engaged in grassroots organizing for a political campaign. I learned first hand the power of people uniting for a cause. I spent a summer in Baltimore living in an intentional community focused on nuclear weapon disarmament. I'm passionate about working with others to improve the greater good of the people in our communities. I worked in advising, coaching, and product operations for an education company downtown for 8 years. I loved the people I worked with and the students we served, but when the pandemic hit it was a turning point, a time to refocus my time and energy. I developed an interest in housing through my post college AmeriCorps service; a program that equipped high school youth with skills in home renovation while supporting community rehabilitation. This grew into a passion for guiding others through the home ownership process and teaching folx how to leverage generational wealth building through real estate. After getting licensed in 2020, I discovered the network professionals in this industry who are also passionate about housing affordability, housing as a human right, and ensuring accessibility to the stability of home ownership. When I'm not assisting clients or volunteering for community causes, you can find me walking a bear sized dog or enjoying live music at a local venue with my husband. I enjoy hiking, biking, birding and gardening. I also like to sponsor events or volunteer with organizations close to my heart. I believe we each have the power to weave the fabric of strong, interconnected communities that thrive, collectively.

Why Housing Matters

I believe housing is a basic human right. It is the foundation for stability for all human beings. It is the safe space we sleep in, grow families, and learn how to be ourselves. Without access to housing, or affordable housing, all other parts of a person's well being are at jeopardy.

Why I Support YIMBY

I support YIMBY because I know the solution to making housing affordable, within our capitalist society, is to create more supply. When individuals can't create more housing on their property, we restrict the affordable option to co-habitat with family. When cities can't create new housing or transition empty buildings to housing, we allow humans to be homeless. I say "Yes" to more neighbors because abundant and affordable homes means safety and security for all people.